Sunday, October 21, 2012


LGE is in his own class while CSL deserves to be among the idiots

I am not that knowledgeable and pious when comes to faith related issues but reading what Soi Lek said about Hudud triggers my anger. One who openly admitted extra marital relationship talking nonsense about others' faith does not command respect but merely attracts hatred and further widening the gap between him, his party with the rest of Malaysia.

UMNO being the backbone of the ruling coalition should from the very beginning of the formation of the coalition educate and share with the others about the reality of Islam and not just proclaiming Islam as the official religion of the federation. They have the utmost and heaviest of responsibility to educate and disseminate the beautiful teachings of Islam of which they fervently declare to its defender. Instead of letting things go out of hand due to total ignorance they should do what PAS has done to their partner, DAP in PR.

It may not be direct nor complicated as by forcing others to believe in Islam but through exemplary conduct as excellently portrayed by their spiritual leader Tuan Guru Nik Aziz and the rest of PAS' upper echelon. Through their partnership, DAP slowly but gradually is being 'educated' of what Islam really is. Now, it is not surprising when leaders from DAP about Islam as Islam really is not the self-taught version that they for so long believe in.

Malaysians and in particular our non Muslims borthers and sisters should never fear hudud as there is no PAS based or even UMNO based hudud as hudud comes and enacted by the Almighty Himself. It is not the creation of mortals but the holy words of the Creator Himself. Even if hudud is to be implemented it never applies to people of other faiths and therefore why the fuss on its implementation? If their concern is on their Muslims brothers then again their fear is unfounded and baseless since the burden of proof is much higher than man-made law which we currently practised. If under the present criminal law one is convicted based on reasonable doubt under Islamic law it goes further- beyond any shadow of doubt. Literally it means one is absolved from crime if there 's even a 'shadow' of doubt and not reasonable presumption of it like under Common law.

Being a leader in a multi racial country Soi Lek should know better than to talk about others' faith and he needs to immediate retracts what he has said about Islam. But then , perhaps it is a clear sign for all especially the Muslims to reject the ruling coalition since they themselves have no respect for others. This is a very strong sign that we need to 'UBAH' and 'TUKAR' the next government to one which is more responsive and responsible

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Just now I browsed the United Borneo Federation page in FB and two comments caught my attention. The first one was asking for a new acronym for the dominant party within the ruling coalition and another chatter gave a very funny yet suit the party very well. The new acronym is "Umbalai Moningud Nga Outong", roughly translated TRY TO SMELL AND ITS STINK!!!

The acronym though funny yet it encapsulates the rot and the current situation within and without the organisation which has gone astray from its original and commendable objectives. The organisation today is akin to a rotting corpse and not a carcass as a corpse when it rots stinks beyond imagination. Today, we can rarely or may even impossible to see their leaders to lead the life of an ordinary person just like you and me. They lead or exudes the feeling that they are above everyone and they are the untouchable as long as they tow the line and whims of their bosses.

The party is beyond help and everyone who dares to try will immediately be sucked into the labyrinth impossible of escape. Look at what happened to DSAI and now the so called young ulama, they are slowly but surely swallowed into the bottomless pit of all types of problems both natural and deliberate. The only redemption is to abandon the organisation. Once outside, it takes an arduous journey of cleansing yet many of those falter and relive their former life, just like what is happening to those who have eventually left PR. Truly, the dominant party stinks as it remains with its former members as long as they crave for power and not true responsibility. Ironically, the similar observation uttered by none other than their founder Tun M!


Tuesday, May 31, 2011


The 'Sultan' and his minions

Despite the severity of ascension of the now well-known Datu Akjan to the throne of the highly disputed Sulu Sultan which have attracted criticism of many loyal Malaysians who see,view and feel that this land is their only place of abode, there are many who view his ascension as a petty or trivial matter.

Indeed, there are those in favour of his action and duly acknowledge his as a sacrifice and an act of loyalty to Malaysia, just like what Datu Akjan attributed his action few days after the so called coronation. Once again true and loyal Malaysians fail to see his action as a sacrifice apart from a clear treachery and an open insult to the nation and a direct affront to Yang DiPertuan Agong. Any rational thinking Malaysians will see his action as only serving his individual purpose of self grandising. Does he in his righteous and rightful thinking believe that Malaysians particularly in Sabah will fall for his ulterior reason? <

Being a Malaysian, he is barred legally from accepting such position since Malaysians cannot possess dual citizenship. By accepting the offer (or whatever he and his supporters call it) means he is accepting to become a Filipino and hence he has to surrender his Malaysian citizenship or is he a Malaysian in the first place? Loyalty to his country is the first and foremost one must possess without exception. Accepting the throne is obviously akin to clear disregard and insult to this nation.

His agreement to ascend to the throne should be a clear answer to what the Home Affairs Minister's query on the law that Akjan has transgressed. Being a citizen of this country one cannot accept such position which clearly requires him to drop his citizenship and permanently establishes himself in the Philippines. It is impossible to remain here in Sabah while he is the Sultan of another country?

Daily Express later published a photo of the Ruler of Negeri Sembilan with another Sulu Sultan which then raises a pertinent issue- who is the rightful Sultan? Him or the one who is invited to the Palace of Negeri Sembilan? Watching a documentary by Al Jazeera back in 2008 makes me wonder how many Sulu Sultans are there? Those featured in the documentary bore the name Kiram as part of their names but evidently Akjan does not.

Perhaps another issue here is the deafening silence of the BN backbone;UMNO. Unlike other local BN components, they remain silent on the issue except for its former Youth Head. Being the leaders,they should be at the forefront championing such issue which will determine the future of this nation and Sabah in particular. Perhaps because they share the same blood and faith but I for one despite being a Muslim (unlike the so called Secretary of Yayasan Islam Sabah) feels strongly against Akjan's blatant disrespect of this nation. In Islam, defending one's country is compulsory hence I fail to see the logic behind UMNO's appalling inaction on such major issue.

Being a Malaysian born and hopefully one day dies in Sabah, the issue involving the sovereignty of this land is truly a major thing not any ordinary or petty matters which many of our so called leaders prefer to indulge themselves in. Perhaps, they have forgotten the fact that they do not have any other place or others to turn to when this beautiful land of ours falls to outsiders. We need to keep reminding ourselves to the fate of the Palestinians today which originated from their lackadaisical attitude and inaction back in 1948 when the British deliberately carved Israel out from the Palestine.

Saturday, April 30, 2011


Truly demented to the core

No wonder the once mighty news station has become the butt of every joke in this land of ours. The Demented news is their new calling card. Even their choice of catchy phrase to attract the audience's attention has become irrational and obsessessed with pleasing their master, the dominant(?) party within the coalition and totally ignoring the popular sentiment.

DAP has never defended Islam

Indeed, a very catchy statement but it miserably fails to grasp the overwhelming sentiment and the underlying truth about the reality. DAP has been known for its secular direction and in as far memory serves us, they never fail to maintain such and hence there is no question of them defending Islam unlike PAS. Nonetheless, many of their stalwarts like Lim Guan Eng himself have shown that they are always willing to stand up for the truth though it means they will lose every thing as exemplified by LGE himself when he was stripped of his MP post and had to spend sometime in jail - to defend and uphold the dignity and integrity of a Muslim child! He could always ignore the plight of that little girl since she is of different faith but instead of ignoring her he tried very hard to defend her to the detriment of himself and his family who needs him most.

At the same time, lets dissect the dominant Chinese party in the coalition. Although, they are together with the so called Muslim dominated party but because of their assumed ignorance of Islamic teachings, those people openly critised their fellow Malaysian Muslims for their strict following of Islamic principles as what happened to the former PAS candidate in Tenang. Making the matter worse, those so called Muslims in the coalition gladly joined in to lambast their fellow Muslims for following Islamic tenets. At the same time, they openly sow hatred and fear of Shariah, which until today remains the core of PAS' struggle.

To say that DAP has never defended Islam while their fellow Muslims in the coalition contributed towards the deterioration of Islam, is laughable and evil. All Muslims in this nation of ours should therefore abandon those in the ruling coalition and shift their support to those in today's opposition hence those in the ruling coalition themselves though parading their Muslim names but have never hesitate to go against the teachings of Islam if it serves their ultimate purpose to retain power.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Malaysiakini down, reasons yet to be determined As at 5.30pm today, Malaysiakini remains unavailable to readers after all its servers simultaneously went down at 11am today. Readers were unable to access the website, which runs from our servers hosted at two data centres - TM Brickfields and Jaring. Malaysiakini's technical team has been working to resolve the problem since this morning. However, the problem has persisted. We cannot confirm the exact nature of the problem. However,the coincidence of two sets of servers located at different data centres failing at the same time, suggests that there could be an attack on the website.



Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dr Mahathir seorang yang bijak - Nik Aziz

Dr Mahathir seorang yang bijak - Nik Aziz

It is humbling to read how a person remains humble and patient in the face of assult by a person of similar faith.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Israel's hidden agenda in the Middle East

Egypt: It may be the work of Israel

It started in Tunisia by an act of desperation of a young man. A hopeless act by a desperate man, dying due to hunger and soon it spread to neighbouring countries with amazing speed and intensity. Indeed, it is amazing to see people who are thought to be submissive and meek, stand up and asking for their long lost hopes and rights.

Initially, the U.S and her partner in bed, Israel seem to be wary of the development which is detrimental to them directly and indirectly since those so called leaders are their long time cohorts. Egypt has constantly in cahoot with the despicable Jews despite the cry for help from their own brothers in Islam. Now, after only 30 minutes call. suddenly Mubarak concedes defeat or is he really? As soon as he announced that he will not stand in the next election another U.S puppet Abdullah Saleh of Yaman announced that he too will not seek reelection.

U.S and her partner seem to have something to do with all these developments in the disguise of humanity and democracy but what lies ahead hidden from everyone view may surprise everyone. They may have someone in place ready to take over as champion of the suppressed people but in reality those are no different from their predecessors. The uprising should be treated with care as it happens and spreads at an alarming speed in the region where Islam was born more than 14 hundred years ago.

Before we rejoice of the success of overthrowing despotic regimes we hope that the people there really know what they are doing and not merely to overthrow their oppressors but most importantly to ensure that the people's interest remains the driving force and not hidden agendas of the U.s and the enemies of Islam. Before the Muslims all over the world rejoice the liberation of their brothers and sisters from those known oppressors, they need to be wary of the hands behind such uprising which may belong to the enemies whose intention is not to liberate but to continue and finally crush Islam.

The Egyptians are right to decline Al-Baradei since he is known to have worked closely with the powers in Washington when he was the IAEA Chief. He may not be the saviour that the Egyptians are looking for. Every step needs to be thoroughly scrutinised so that the same thing will not reappear.

While we are grateful that freedom may at last shines in the Arab region but most importantly we should tread with care and be wary of hidden hands of known enemies of Islam, both the U.s and her cohort, before it is too late!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bila Islam dipersenda...

Bila agama diperlekeh
terutama oleh penganut sendiri
bukti jelas BN WAJIB DITOLAK
Tak perlu berdolak dalik

Sunday, January 16, 2011


She's 'enormous' in size and in influence

Lately, Sabah being one of the biggest contributors of both state and parliamentary seats to the ruling coalition, has been labelled as their fixed deposit but ironically Sabah remains as among the poorest states in Malaysia despite being blessed with abundant of natural resources. Perhaps due to its dire economic state, local leaders have no other choice apart from following and bending towards the whims and pleasure of their bosses in Kuala Lumpur.

Instead of manipulating its status as the ruling coalition's fixed deposit to gain more authority and control of the day to day management of the state, our leaders are seen as weaklings. As compared to Sarawak, which is another of the ruling coalition's fixed deposit, their leaders are seen more capable of turning the table towards the state's advantages. So far, Sarawak is the best example of Borneonisation in line with the Malaysia Agreement.

Perhaps it is due to the fact that they have the longest thus most experienced Chief Minister of more than 20 years and still going strong. Compared to Sabah, they are good examples where everything related to their state are guarded ever so strongly. This may be a naive observation from a green horn and an outsider but we can see abundance of evidences supporting the claim that the Sarawakians are far better than Sabahans in standing firm for their rights.

One clear example is how stringent the Sarawak government in conferring state honours particularly to outsiders whoever they are or how powerful they may be. Recently, the Sarawak's Head of State conferred only the third highest honours to the Prime Minister's wife. Being the Prime Minister's wife is no guarantee of her being conferred with the highest award unlike Sabah which rushed to confer the highest award to her last year in a special ceremony. Conferring the state honours is the prerogative of the Head of State but there must be stringent and strict procedures to be done or carried out before conferring such honours to anyone . By the way, what did DSP Rosmah Mansur do to deserve the highest state accolade? This is important to maintain the prestige of such awards since such symbolised the state's image and dignity.

However, since the hands of politics are crawling everywhere we have political figures dominating most of the awards particularly those of higher prestige. In fact, in Sabah we have the joke that if we throw a stone it is bound to hit a Datuk! It is indeed degrading but probably it is true particularly years ago where political ties command almost everything and such title brings together lucrative benefits. That is why people are desperate and willing to pay just to have a title before their names, though they know that such title may not be genuine or its prestige is doubtful.

Instead of awarding the politicians, the state should instead confer such accolade to more deserving people like former teachers or even in service teachers for they actually contributed to the society.

However, looking at the current situation , teachers seem to be sidelined except for high ranking ones like the Director. Sabah seem to favour politicians rather than those unsung heroes amidst us since these figures are busy helping and contributing to the society without proclaiming or announcing their deeds unlike politicians. Figures like the late John Gaisah, Kelly Tham, Justin Ganai, Matin Guntali and the late Mohd Ali bin Kandalis, a local leader who was responsible in propagating Islam in Ranau are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to contribution to the society.They are more deserving than those one-term YBs or Ketua Bahagians out there!

Hopefully, the new Head of State though a politician himself will be more sensitive in safeguarding the prestige of the state awards. It is the right time to emulate our neighbouring state which has done far better in safeguarding its interest and at the same time 'importing' local figures to the peninsular like the Mufti of Perlis, Dr. Juanda Jaya and a former Director General of Education, Datuk Matnor Daim. We need to appreciate contributions of those deserving figures rather than spreading the awards like flushing the toilets!

Saturday, January 8, 2011


A futile exercise?

A new Royal Commission will be set up to investigate breach of human rights in the case of Teoh Beng Hock after the coroner's decision that he was either murdered or committed suicide. It is indeed a commendable move by the government in the interest of justice especially a high profile death like Teoh's. However, one cannot be pessimistic of constitution of yet another Royal Commission which is limited in both jurisdiction and power just like previous ones. Previously, the Royal Commission into misconduct of some high ranking former justices still failed to achieve the desired effect since up until today there are yet to be seen positive and concrete steps to rectify the already corroded image of the judiciary.

What is more appalling is the request by the request by the ruling coalition's 'fixed deposit' of a Royal Commission looking into the so-called Project IC. Compared to one person life, which by the way has been lost, to the fate of not only the present but future generations of a whole state, one can only see the dire need for the setting up of a Commission or any other ways possible to stop the erosion of Malaysians' rights and privileges from being further damage. SAPP is right for comparing both situations and I am for one sure they meant no disrespect to the late Teoh and his family. A life lost is indeed a tragedy but we are talking about millions of lives in the case of Sabah. For many years every Malaysian living in Sabah is put in constant danger of him or her being finally rooted out of the state.

The implication of illegals in the state is for everyone to see but those in authority do not seem to be bothered for reasons only themselves are aware of. Sabah has seen a sharp increase in the number of people in the state and it is no secret that such increase is attributed the the presence of high numbers of foreigners in the state. Today, they have even managed to slip into high positions based on their dubious identifications but yet again the relevant authority turn to look at the other side as if nothing happened.

Nonetheless, as stated earlier the establishment of a Royal Commission will not help much and in fact it will a futile step as well as a waste of the taxpayers money if its scope is limited and not holistic and sincere enough to look into the root of the problem. Even if we have such Commission another serious problem will immediately arise. What will happen to its findings? Will there be concrete and satisfactory results from its findings?

Sincerity or rather a political will to rid ourselves of the menace of those illegals is what Malaysians in Sabah really need just like what Tan Sri Chong Kah Kiat had done years ago. Sadly, his initiative was not followed but instead mere sporadic and ineffective raids here and there are employed instead and today the problem is still with us. The authority should step up their efforts to solve the problem if they are really sincere of giving preference and priority to the well-being of genuine Malaysians in line with their "people first performance now" slogan.

Do not let the slogan be a mere political and election sweet talk. Do not let the Malaysians in Sabah down if they are sincere about the state being their fixed deposit. With the authority in their hands, they have the sacred responsibility of looking after the welfare and needs of the People , to whom they owed their power. Time is short and they need to act fast!